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If a call is incoming when using a Client Browser (twilio.js) and I am already connected to an active call in the Client Browser. Client Browser doesn't ring or given any indication of an incoming call while I'm already on a call with someone else.

Is this a bug? What can be done about it so I can tell if there is an incoming call? I need to be able to answer that 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc... incoming call should I have multiple people calling my Twilio number at the same time.

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Kind of a late reply but you can use the Enqueue verb to place your callers in a queue, and then use the REST API with a javascript setInterval to list the callers in the queue. After that you can dequeue them with a Dial method or via the REST API.

We have crafted call-center functionality in node using a similar method where callers are placed in a queue which triggers a setInterval loop that monitors the queue for its members, and also looks for available agents to call.

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