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I would like to achieve the following:

If there are more than 12 li's within a given ul, replace the last one with "..." and hide any that appear after the 12th one.

Can anyone throw some pointers my way?

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what you tried? you need to show your effort and code for us to help you properly – Manish Mishra Apr 28 '13 at 18:49

you can simply use jQuery .slice()

$('ul').html($('ul li').slice(0,12)).append("..");

see this fiddle

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here is the working fiddle:

sample html:

<ul id="mylist">
    <li>1 </li>
    <li>5 last one to see</li>
    <li>6 will be truncated</li>
    <li>7 will be truncated</li>
    <li>8 will be truncated </li>


$(document).ready(function () {
   var maxToShow = 5;

    $("#mylist li").each( function(i, e){
        // truncate all li elements after the 5th
        if ( i >= maxToShow){
            // $(e).remove(); // remove it
            $(e).hide(); // or hide it

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Try this:

$('#myList > li:eq(11)').nextAll().hide().end().after('<li>...</li>'); 


Note that the supplied index in eq() method is zero-based, and refers to the position of the element within the jQuery object, not within the DOM tree. Hence, eq(11) means the item 12 here.

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<ul data-truncate="12">


  var n = $(this).data('truncate') -1;
  $('li', this).eq( n ).nextAll().hide().last().after('<li>...</li>');  
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