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I'm using jQuery Mobile + PhoneGap to build my first mobile app and I need to apply <input /> masks. For that I'm trying to use jQuery's Masked Input plugin, which I'd used on desktop browsers and just works. But Android's 4.0 browser used on PhoneGap seems to have weird issues with that plugin:

  • Using <input type="text" /> it works, but that type of input shows alphanumeric keyboard, which is not useful;
  • Using <input type="number" /> we got the numeric keyboard, but it looses all typed characters;
  • Using <input type="tel" /> we got the numeric keyboard and it seems to works, but behaves unexpectedly.

In the end, neither option seems to fit my needs. Is there any other alternative to use <input /> masks with jQuery Mobile + PhoneGap on Android? Thank you in advance!

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I haven't used masked inputs but try using jqxMaskedInput widget which has support for jqm and mobile browsers.

Also have a look at this question. Hope this helps.

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