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I have the following array of brands:


The goal is to create a link in the navigation menu for each of the brands, so I could run the following to achieve that:

foreach ($brand as &$bval) {
$bval2 = strtolower($bval);
$bval3 = str_replace(" ", "-", $bval2);
echo '<li><a href="/?detail='.$bval3.'"';
//See note below
echo '><span>'.$bval.'</span></a></li>';

All of that works just fine. However, in order to indicate in the navigation menu which brand is selected, the link needs class="tactive" inside of it. In order to figure out which brand is selected, I could use something like what I have below and insert it where I have the //See note below comment in the code above. ($currentbrand would be defined in the file containing all of the page data):

if ($_GET[detail]=$currentbrand) {
echo 'class="tactive"';

However, in order for every link to not be marked as active, this would need to be done outside of the foreach loop. Could I interrupt the foreach loop, add the code that I need to, and then resume it in order to have the last part of the link there?

Thanks in advance.

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in order for every link to not be marked as active, this would need to be done outside of the foreach loop

this is the wrong assumption. What you really need to do, is to compare instead of assign:

if ($_GET['detail'] == $currentbrand) {
  echo 'class="tactive"';

for otherwise the expression would be determined by whether $currentbrand is true or false.

Also, you could rewrite your code a bit and reduce the number of unneeded variables and string-concatenations. One example might be:

foreach ($brand as $bval) {
  $alias = str_replace(' ', '-', strtolower($bval));

    '<li><a href="/?detail=%s" class="%s"><span>%s</span></a></li>',
    isset($_GET['detail']) && $alias === $_GET['detail'] ? 'tactive' : '',
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Thanks for the response! That's a good point and something that I somehow neglected to notice, but all of the links are still marked as active when I compare instead of assign. –  U8oL0 Apr 28 '13 at 21:39
Could you post a bit more of your code. For example the $currentbrand variable issn't defined in the excerpt you posted. Did you try the alternative code? –  Yoshi Apr 28 '13 at 21:41
Yeah, the new code didn't work either. $currentbrand would just be one of the values from the $brand array that was shown in my first post, depending on which page was being shown. –  U8oL0 Apr 28 '13 at 21:44
I had an error it the example regarding the url-value, have a look. –  Yoshi Apr 28 '13 at 21:48
Well, it would appear as though your example did work after all, I think that I didn't copy all of it before. Thank you for the help! –  U8oL0 Apr 28 '13 at 22:44

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