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My device is registered in the distribution provisioning profile, the profile is uploaded to Test Flight, a build is prepared and sent to my device. I got the email, clicked in the Install button, and I start getting a screen with button that says Reconnect Device, I connected my device through Safari, logged in to test flight and TF said that my device now is successfully connectedso I build another ipa and sent it to my device, but gotting always the same issue, Reconnect Device button. Am I missing something? Thank you.

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I had the same trouble recently. Tried reconnected my devices (2) a few times, only to find out that their UDIDs got changed in TestFlight on uploading a new build, so the build was still not available for my devices. I tried removing wrong UDID's in TestFlight, keeping the right ones, but it didn't solve the problem.

What finally helped was this:

  1. removing all apps installed from TestFlight on all of my devices
  2. removing all UDID's from my TestFlight account
  3. reconnecting my devices to TestFlight

Let me know if it helps in your case. Good luck!

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We have received a lot of "reconnect device" messages on iPhones lately and, at least for one tester, we have found a workaround. Instead of following the email links, the user had do install the build from within the TestFlight mobile app.

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