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I've already asked a question about JAXB very recently which can be found at: How to marshal/unmarshal Java objects with private fields using JAXB.

My current problem is that I am trying to marshal a graph structure implemented using adjacency list structure.

Vertex class:

private int index;
private ArrayList<Vertex> adjList;

Edge class:

private Vertex v1;
private Vertex v2;
private String label;

Graph class:

private ArrayList<Vertex> vertices;
private ArrayList<Edge> edges;

When I populate a graph instance and try to marshal it I get an Exception, javax.xml.bind.MarshalException in particular.

As far as I understand this problem is due to the fact that The Vertex class is storing a Vertex ArrayList which is a potential loop so JAXB is complaining about that. I googled around a bit but cannot seem to fund a solution for this.

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If every node in your XML is referenced through a containment relationship (such as @XmlElement, then you can use @XmlID/@XmlIDREF to use key based relations to turn the tree into a graph.

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