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So I have a data set called x. The contents are simple enough to just write out so I'll just outline it here:

  • the dependent variable, Report, in the first column is binary yes/no (0 = no, 1 = yes)
  • the subsequent 3 columns are all categorical variables (race.f, sex.f, gender.f) that have all been converted to factors, and they're designated by numbers (e.g. 1= white, 2 = black, etc.)

I have run a logistic regression on x as follows:

glm <- glm(Report ~ race.f + sex.f + gender.f, data=x,
           family = binomial(link="logit"))

And I can check the fitted probabilities by looking at summary(glm$fitted).

My question: How do I create a fifth column on the right side of this data set x that will include the predictions (i.e. fitted probabilities) for Report? Of course, I could just insert the glm$fitted as a column, but I'd like to try to write a code that predicts it based on whatever is in the race, sex, gender columns for a more generalized use.

Right now I the follow code which I will hope create a predicted column as well as lower and upper bounds for the confidence interval.

xnew <- cbind(xnew, predict(glm5, newdata = xnew, type = "link", se = TRUE))
xnew <- within(xnew, {
  PredictedProb <- plogis(fit)
  LL <- plogis(fit - (1.96 * se.fit))
  UL <- plogis(fit + (1.96 * se.fit))

Unfortunately I get the error:

Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : object 'race.f' not found

after the cbind code.

Anyone have any idea?

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There appears to be a few typo in your codes; First Xnew calls on glm5 but your model as far as I can see is glm (by the way using glm as name of your output is probably not a good idea). Secondly make sure the variable race.f is actually in the dataset you wish to do the prediction from. My guess is R can't find that variable hence the error.

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