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Anybody know if the angularJS animations work with requireJS? ng-animate isn't recognized when I use requireJS modules. If anyone know how to get it working can you explain what the best approach is? I should add that I am indeed using the angularJS version 1.1.4

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AngularJS is MVW framework and requireJS is AMD loader. So the problem is in your module complatibility or setup or something else and not in requireJS.

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Yeah I am aware of this. I worked on it some more part of it was my setup but still having issue. I am looking at possibly the need to inject the $animator service or something. not quite sure yet –  Edgar Martinez May 7 '13 at 20:00

I just grabbed this from one of my abandoned angular apps - but seems to work just firing it up now.

Hope it helps. Oh I should mention this is javascript based animation using jquery (fadeIn and fadeout).

var myApp = angular.module('apps', ['ngSanitize']);

myApp.animation('animate-enter', function () {

   return {
    setup: function (element) {           
        var viewId = element.parent().attr('id');
        $("#" + viewId).hide();
    start: function (element) {
        var viewId = element.parent().attr('id');

        $("#" + viewId).fadeIn(500, function () {


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