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I have a crash dump and I suspect GDI leaks to be a cause of the crash

From the full crash dump is there anyway to find out the number of GDI handles used by my process when it crashed?

regards G

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!handles will list all handles in the dump, but I don't think it includes the GDI ones, only the ones listed at – Remus Rusanu Oct 26 '09 at 20:01

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It is unlikely since the only debugger extension gdikdx.dll tailored at gdi tasks is not actively maintained since the w2k version and i believe they stopped shipping it since not that many folks are into hacking into gdi internals - according to someone's statement i stumbled upon in a newsgroup - therefore it is no longer invested into. You're left with only a few options all of which are unfortunately about runtime troubleshooting.

You could start with a tool like nirsoft's GDIView to monitor the use of GDI resources from your app and then progress to any of the runtime instrumentation options:

P.S. could you be more specific on the actual reason of your particular crash?

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Tess talks about a similar situation, perhaps this will give you a lead...

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