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I have Spring beans defined in resources.groovy. And I can access them in controllers. I also have some GSPs in views that do NOT have controllers. I wonder how can I access beans in GSPs just like EL expressions in JSF?

For example, given a domain class like this:

class TestBean {  
  def name = "hello"

In spring/resources.groovy:

test(mydomain.TestBean) { bean -> bean.scope = 'session' }

In UrlMapping.groovy:


Then, in views/test.gsp:


But the above code would throw an exception because ${test} is null. So, how can I access TestBean in GSP without controller?

I am using Grails 2.2. Thanks!

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You can also create variable with your bean as value:

<g:set var="testBean" bean="test"/>

and then use (in your *.gsp):


It's a bit quicker than creating custom TagLib.

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You can create a TagLib to to that job, and just call in your gsp.

The TagLib

class MyTagLib {
  static namespace = "my"

  def test  

  def myTag = { attrs, body ->
    out << test.name


The View

<my:myTag />
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