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I'd like to remove values from input and dropdown with jquery.

For example, if you select a Student radio button, I want remove a value from input where name=child_email. And if you select the Teacher radio button, I want to remove a value from input where name=parent_email1, parent_email2 and empty a value in dropdown where name=advisor.

// radiobox 
echo '<fieldset data-role="controlgroup" data-mini="true">
        <input type="radio" name="parent_or_student" id="radio-mini-1" value="student" />
        <label for="radio-mini-1">Student</label>
        <input type="radio" name="parent_or_student" id="radio-mini-2" value="parent"  />
        <label for="radio-mini-2">Parent</label>
echo '<div id="student" class="desc">';
// parent_email1
echo '<div data-role="fieldcontain">'."\n";
echo "<label for='parent_email1'>Parent Email 1</label>"."\n";
    $parent_email1= array(
    'placeholder'=>'Parent email 1',
echo form_input($parent_email1)."\n";
echo "</div>\n\n";

// parent_email2
echo '<div data-role="fieldcontain">'."\n";
echo "<label for='parent_email2'>Parent Email 2 (optional)</label>"."\n";
    $parent_email2= array(
    'placeholder'=>'Parent email 2(optional)',
echo form_input($parent_email2)."\n";
echo "</div>\n\n";

// advisor
echo '<div data-role="fieldcontain">'."\n";
echo '<label for="advisor">Advisor</label>'."\n";
echo form_dropdown('advisor', $advisors, set_value('advisor'), 'id="advisor" data-native-menu="false" data-theme="c"')."<br />\n";
echo "</div>\n\n";

echo '</div>';
// end of student

// for parent
echo '<div id="parent" class="desc">';
// parent_email1
echo '<div data-role="fieldcontain">'."\n";
echo "<label for='child_email'>Child's School Email</label>"."\n";
    $child_email= array(
    'placeholder'=>'Child\'s School Email',
echo form_input($child_email)."\n";
echo "</div>\n\n";
echo "</div>";
// end of parent

And jquery I made is the following but does not remove value.

$("input[name$='parent_or_student']").change(function() {
    var role = $(this).val();
    var parent_email1 = $("input[name=parent_email1]").val();
    var parent_email2 = $("input[name=parent_email2]").val();
    var child_email = $("input[name=child_email]").val();

    // remove other value
    if(role =='parent')
        $(parent_email1, parent_email2).remove();   
    else if(role=='student' )



Thanks in advance.

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.remove is used to remove the element not the value. Check documentation. You need to set the value to blank here. Check fiddle

var parent_email1 = $("input[name=parent_email1]");
var parent_email2 = $("input[name=parent_email2]");
var child_email = $("input[name=child_email]");

// remove other value
if(role =='parent')
else if(role=='student' )

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Thanks. It works. – shin Apr 29 '13 at 6:22

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