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In Vista, I have been using an IFileSaveDialog to let users pick a "save-as" folder. Users export a folder of images, say, and need to choose a new or existing target folder.

Briefly, the code goes like this:

IFileSaveDialog* dialog; // created

In Windows 7, the FOS_PICKFOLDERS option appears to have been disallowed (and is marked as such in the API). The return value on the SetOptions call is E_INVALIDARG. If I use a IFileOpenDialog, I'm allowed to set the folders option, but the user is prompted with an error when choosing a nonexistent folder (despite my setting flags suggesting not to do this).

Is there an alternate way to get the new IFileDialog to act as a "save folder" dialog?

[To head off some comments, the SHBrowseForFolder API still exists, but is still not an acceptable solution for our UI deciders.]

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Amusingly, the Windows Team used this flag in a sample on their blog back in April! windowsteamblog.com/blogs/developers/archive/2009/04/16/… –  Philip Wallace Oct 26 '09 at 20:13
And a comment from kazoobrewer telling them it no longer works. I guess that would be you then... –  Philip Wallace Oct 26 '09 at 20:14
Sometimes it feels like you're the only developer using an API in the wild... –  Michael Brewer-Davis Oct 28 '09 at 16:35
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The reason for this can be found in the documentation:

FOS_PICKFOLDERS: Present the Open dialog offering a choice of folders rather than files.

Using FOS_PICKFOLDERS for "Save" was never supposed to be supported but Vista didn't enforce it. Use IFileOpenDialog instead and you're good to go. You are picking an existing folder (not specifying a folder to create), so open was always the correct choice.

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I haven't played around with the Windows 7 dialogs yet, but downloaded the Windows® API Code Pack just this morning as I am implementing the Thumbnail Toolbar and Icon Overlay in the application I am working on. It'll probably point you in the right direction.

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