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I now want to create foreign keys for all of my mew DBs. So far i have been using sqlite and MyIasm DBs so i havent used a DB that supported it. I am thinking i should install and use a MySql server with InnoDb (connected via C#).

My question is what can i use to actually see the FKs relations? I would like to see it by using a sqlite db if possible. Is there good browser that will let me see all or some of the relationship between tables and columns?

-edit- there can be multiple correct answers so i'll change this into a wiki.

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you want to see foreign key relations with a SQLite DB that does not support foreig keys? – ax. Oct 26 '09 at 20:14

Navicat for MySQL is an excellent MySQL GUI. It provides everything you mentioned (except the confusing part about SQLite + foreign keys), and is very fast and easy to work with.

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