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I have a text file saved in the server side. I have to read the file and display its content to the browser using perl CGI. The file has several paragraphs, newline and tab characters. I want to preserve those formatting. Currently the contents of the file is displayed, but it is all jumbled up as a single continuous paragraph.

print "<table border='1'>\n";
    print "<tr>\n";
    print "<td><b>Whole Report</b></td>\n";
    print "</tr>\n";
    print "<tr>\n";
    print "<td>$entireReport</td>\n";
    print "</tr>\n";
    print "</table>\n";

In the above code, I am reading the entire content of the file into the variable $entireReport.


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The simple option is to use <pre></pre> with the usual escaping. Otherwise, you'll need to identify paragraphs and indents and recreate them with HTML/CSS. –  ikegami Apr 29 '13 at 3:23
Thanks ikegami, It worked like a charm!! Thanks a lot!! But I don't see a place to accept this as the answer. –  user466663 Apr 29 '13 at 3:28
There could be an existing module to do that. I don't know. –  ikegami Apr 29 '13 at 3:30
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wrap the code in a <PRE></PRE> tag. Say you have the contents in $fileContents then use:

print "<td><pre>", CGI::escapeHTML($fileContents), "</pre></td>\n";

This will keep the formatting in the file verbatim.


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