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wassup guys im new to C# coding and i did a search but couldn't find exactly what im looking for. So i have a couple of text-boxes which holds string elements and integers

what i want to do is when these boxes are filled in i want to send a summary of the email to client/customer but the format is whats getting me.

(first, one) are strings equaling different text-boxes

my code is:

emailCompseTask.Body = first + one + Enviroment.NewLine +
                       second + two + Enviroment.NewLine

and so on problem is which i send thru email it shows something like this:

computer service25.00

instead of:

computer service      25.00

is there a way to add spacing to make this more presentable? or even a better way perhaps thanks in advance guys

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I'm a bit confused, but you just want to add some spacing in the output? Just throw some spaces in there like you would another variable.

    first + " " + one + Environment.NewLine
    + second + " " + two + Environment.NewLine;
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ahhhh this worked also! i thought i tried this lol i dont think i added the plus sign afterwards thanks! –  Dangelo Leonard Apr 29 '13 at 9:44

try this :

emailCompseTask.Body = first + one + "   "+ second + two ;

body takes as HTML input, check here for more spacing option.

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actually when i did this the output came out exactly how you have it written –  Dangelo Leonard Apr 29 '13 at 10:03

You can use a table

        string tableRow = @"<tr>

        string htmlTable = @"<table>

        string rows = "";

        // Can do this in a loop 
        rows += string.Format(tableRow, first, one);
        rows += string.Format(tableRow, first, one);

        emailComseTask.Body = string.Format(htmlTable, rows);
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nice never used a table before but its something new thanks alot! –  Dangelo Leonard Apr 29 '13 at 9:44

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