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I build a Qt-based application with custom visual style that includes special colors and images for the window frame and system buttons. Qt doesn't allow access to the non-client area, so I've added handlers for a bunch of Windows messages in the WM_NC*** group.

The style requires the window caption to be higher than the standard one, so one of the messages that I had to handle was WM_NCCALCSIZE. After some experiments, I've come to a simple logic like this:

virtual bool winEvent (MSG * message, long * result)
    switch (message->message)
    case WM_NCCALCSIZE :
        if (message->wParam)
            LPNCCALCSIZE_PARAMS pncc = (LPNCCALCSIZE_PARAMS)message->lParam;
            LONG originalTop = pncc->rgrc[0].top;
            *result = DefWindowProc(message->hwnd, WM_NCCALCSIZE, message->wParam, message->lParam);
            pncc->rgrc[0].top = originalTop + 34; // 34 is height of my caption.
        return true;

    // Other messages are handled too, I've omitted them as non-relevant.

Everything looks fine: the window caption has the correct height, the entire client area is shifted down, and so on.

The only problem is saving the window size. After saving the geometry and restoring it, the bottom edge of my window moves up for 4 pixels, which is the difference between my custom caption height and the standard system one.

I use the QWidget::saveGeometry() method, and I guess it doesn't ask for my custom caption size but uses the standard system metrics. Unfortunately it returns data in a QByteArray so I cannot check my guess.

So what would be my options here? Should I calculate, save, and restore the sizes manually? Or maybe there is any method to make saveGeometry using my custom sizes (by handling some additional Windows message so saveGeometry would get the correct size)?

Added: I have tried to call frameGeometry() and geometry() in the window destructor and found that the difference between the returned rectangles is as if the window caption had the standard size.

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