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With CakePHP, it's possible to insert normal JavaScript by putting the following inside a view:

$this->Html->scriptStart(array('inline' => false));
echo 'alert("Hello world!");';

Unfortunately, if you have multiple echo statements, all the text is squashed into 1 long line. Is there any way to split up the lines and insert newlines?

I've already tried adding \n to the end of the echo'd statement to no avail.

I think it's possible to have JS run correctly all in 1 line with proper use of semicolons but it makes for a painful reading and debugging experience.

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You could try not putting it in PHP if you dont need to:

<?php $this->Html->scriptStart(array('inline' => false)); ?>
     alert("Hello world!");
     alert("Hello world!");
<?php $this->Html->scriptEnd(); ?>

Then just use normal js formatting.

Or, you can use PHP_EOL to echo a newline that isn't within a string literal.

     $this->Html->scriptStart(array('inline' => false));
     echo 'alert("Hello world!");' . PHP_EOL;
     echo 'alert("Hello world!");';
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I'm not sure I'm understand your question correctly but try to escape your \n since php will interpret it as a normal string before your javascript take turn, so for example:

$first = "This is first line\\n";
$both  = $first . "This is second line";   
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I ended up solving the problem by using Js->buffer as follows:

echo $this->Js->buffer('$(\'<input type="button" id="instaSave" value="Save"/>\')

            success: function(responseText, responseCode) {
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