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Is it possible to combine registers in vim? For example, if I have registers "a, "b, "c, can I easily create register "d which is a concatenation of all three? That is, without pasting them all and then selecting the whole thing.

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With the command :let @a = "something" you can assign to a register.

With the command :let @A = "another thing" or :let @a .= "another thing" you can append to a register.

Lets say your registers are filled as follows (inspected using the reg command)

:reg a b c
--- Registers ---
"a Apple^J
"b Pear^J
"c Banana^J

Then you can call

:let @D = @a
:let @D = @b
:ley @D = @c


:let @d = @a . @b . @c

And your register d looks like

:reg d
--- Registers ---
"d Apple^JPear^JBanana
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I find :let @d .= @a easier to remember/type than :let @D = @a, and also just doing that for each register that presumes "d is empty first (which of course can be ensured, using :let @d = ""). Good explanation, though. – ephemient Oct 26 '09 at 20:58
Indeed it seems easier. I actually wasn't aware of the .= notation. – pkit Oct 26 '09 at 21:11
:let @d = @a . @b . @c
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