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I'm converting standalone iPhone code for use as a Marmalade extension (a cross-platform mobile dev kit). You don't need to know about Marmalade though for this question.

My issue is figuring out what to do with AppDelegate. The stand-alone app defines AppDelegate, but a Marmalade extension is callback based and Marmalade has probably already defined its own AppDelegate. So what do I do when my extension is called back? I don't think I can define another AppDelegate can I? How? And I don't want to replace the one Marmalade already defined. There are Marmalade calls I can make to retrieve the UIApplication and pointers to the UIViews Marmalade defines, but I don't know how to get my own AppDelegate in there. Can I extend the one that Marmalade already defined somehow?

I come from a C/C++ background and this is my first attempt at Objective C, and so far it's got me very confused.

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Got it sorted now. My confusion had the better of me and it turns out the way the original code used AppDelegate was not vital, so I was able to do away with it for the Marmalade extension and get things working without it.

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