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I've had this problem before & it was due to my d3.select not matching up to my attr. However, I do not receive any error from this current bug, I am there somewhat lost in terms of what I have done wrong:

 var drag = d3.behavior.drag()
   .on("drag", function(d, i) {
    d.x = d3.event.x;
    d.y = d3.event.y;
  d3.select(this).attr("transform", "translate("+nodes[i].locations[0].x+","+nodes[i].locations[0].y+")");


As you can see I am going through my index to look for all the locations. Would that affect the drag function?

   var node = svg.selectAll("g.node")

       .attr('class', 'node');

 node.attr("transform", function(d,i) { return"translate("+nodes[i].locations[0].x+","+nodes[i].locations[0].y+")"; })

I am confused why this wont work

I have also attempted to change my ondrag function, however when I try to drag the node it only moves to the centre

 .on("drag", function(d, i) {
      nodes[i].locations[0].x = d3.event.x;
      nodes[i].locations[0].y = d3.event.y;
      d3.select(this).attr("transform", "translate ("translate("+nodes[i].locations[0].x+","+nodes[i].locations[0].y+")");
   //    draw();


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It seems like you're not calling the drag behaviour anywhere. What are you trying to do? –  Lars Kotthoff Apr 29 '13 at 10:30
Hi @Lars Kotthoff I thought I was calling the drag on my var node - .call(drag). Im simply trying to drag my objects around the page –  Jose Apr 29 '13 at 14:56

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I believe I have found a solution to my problem:

.on("drag", function(d, i) {
      nodes[i].locations[0].x += d3.event.dx;
      nodes[i].locations[0].y += d3.event.dy;
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