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How to delete only if number is full matched

I wrote simple sed command ,the example below by sed ,

my target is to delete the number "1" from the list $NUMBERS

what I need to add to my sed syntax in order to delete only the matched number/s

my example:

 [u@h w]# NUMBERS="11 12 13"
 [u@h w]# DEL_NUM="1"
 [u@h w]# NUMBERS="1 11 12 13"
 [u@h w]# echo $NUMBERS | sed s"/$DEL_NUM/ /g"

      2  3

while the expected results should be

      11 12 13
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 echo $NUMBERS | perl -pe "s/\b$DEL_NUM\b/ /g"

\b matches word boundaries.

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There is a way in sed: wrap with <> the word to be matched:

$ echo $NUMBERS | sed "s/\<$DEL_NUM\>/ /g"
  11 12 13

This will only replace exact matchings.

\b reference on sidharth answer is also valid for sed:

$ echo $NUMBERS | sed "s/\b$DEL_NUM\b/ /g"
  11 12 13
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Using only ksh builtins:

function delnum {
    typeset DEL_NUM=$1 i 
    shift || return
    for i; do
        [[ $i == $DEL_NUM ]] || print -n $i ""
NUMBERS="1 11 12 13"
delnum ${DEL_NUM} ${NUMBERS}
11 12 13
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