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<div class="sample">

I would like to add data to the sample div on click. I am able to get the data to this function. verified with alert but it is not appending to the sample div.


                  var val = $('[name=name111]').val();
                    var newHTML = '<input type="checkbox" name="'+val+'<br>';
                    $("#sample").append( newHTML );

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# is used for id but sample in your case is a class. So use dot(".sample") instead. –  Roger Apr 29 '13 at 6:33
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Class and id attributes mismatch.you have given as class and selecting as ID

 $(".sample").append( newHTML );

or change your div to

<div id="sample">  and then  $("#sample").append( newHTML );
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sample is not id in your code its a class so change it to .sample instead of #sample.

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You used

 $("#sample").append( newHTML );

but you defined sample to be a class (not an id) so you should use


To summarize, the "." is used for class and the "#" is used for id.

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