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My problem is best described by the following (simplified) example:

Given an asynchronous HTTP client which returns Future< JSON > on calls to its get-Method. Given a link to a resource which in turn contains a link to another resource. How then do I code the following:

  • perform GET for Resource A
  • as soon as that GET has finished, perform GET for Resource B

My specific problem is, how to return a Future from within the Mapper, without resourceB having to be of type Future< Future < JSON > >. Basically, what I'd like to write is the following:

Future< JSON > resourceA = httpClient.get( "http://..." );
Future< JSON > resourceB = new Mapper< JSON, Future< JSON > >() {
     public JSON apply( JSON resourceARepr )
        return httpClient.get( resourceARepr.getString( "linkToResourceB" ) );
} );

However, that does not compile, because httpClient#get returns a Future, while the Future#map method expects me to pass a mapper which maps from the supplied value synchronously.

From Promises/A in the JavaScript world I am used to promise handlers being able to return a promise to a value or a value.

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I just found out the answer to my problem is as simple as using flatMap instead of map. Oops.

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