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I like the functionality of the blockquote plugin for Octopress ( It would give me a nice way of attributing the quote to the author.

However, I could not figure out how to blockquote content that is in markdown.

Here is an example of what I tried:

{% blockquote Author %}

[Octopress]( is a blogging framework written by [Brandon Mathis](
([@imathis](!/imathis)) which sits on top of [Jekyll]( Jekyll is
a static site generator, meaning there's no database associated with your blog. Instead of writing everything in a

{% endblockquote %}

Any advice? It seems something like this might work: Embedding Markdown in Jekyll HTML

I've got this on a github octopress deploy right here: and you can find the source to this article here:

(Octopress freely deployed on github is seriously cool, especially with org-mode)

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Try using the {% raw %} ... {% endraw %} tags. This will prevent the enclosed content from being parsed.

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