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I'm trying to get the app reviews/rating in iTunes to display in my website. The info in need includes: Review title, review description, number of star, time review, nick name of the reviewer.

Since I cannot have the actual URL of the app, I cannot get info as a normal HTML link.

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iTunes offers a reviews RSS feed that will return the last 500 reviews for any app:

Note the reviews are specific to a storefront - so change out the "us" to the country code you want reviews for.

And the app ID referenced above can be found in the link to any app in the App Store.

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You are correct Ted Hosmann. I used: – JOY Jun 19 '13 at 15:45

In your Itunes Connect account

1-Go to your apps and select the desired app

2-Go to customers reviews

3-Get the RSS feeds for your app reviewsenter image description here

Then you can easily included in your website

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