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I started to use Borland's Turbo C++ a few days ago. I actually have two questions.

1.: How can i change the file icon?? If i create a program (Console Application), it will always have this blue icon (buildings or something like that on it), and i can't find it anywhere, how to change it to the default "none" icon (which like in Dev-C++ is the default).

2.: If i create a console application, and i want to run on my virtual pc, then it says that the CC3270.DLL is missing. If i copy it to c:\windows\system32\ then it will working perfectly. But i want to avoid this way. So is it possible, to change a setting or something like that, that my application won't need this file? It's disturbing beacuse, if i want to use my program on a computer which hasn't this dll, than i have to copy it there, on every machine.

Thanks in advance!


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1.you can see these links

2.If you build using the dynamic Run-Time Library, you will also have to distribute one or more of the Run-Time Library DLLs CC3270.DLL or CC3270MT.DLL and the memory manager DLL.

you must uncheck the option "build with runtime packages" located in the project options.


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Thank you ver much! I had some trouble with the icon thing, but i solved it :) –  kampi Oct 27 '09 at 15:24

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