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I have an assigment to do a tron game with AI. Me an my team almost made it but we're trying to find a good heuristic. We taught about Voronoi, but it's kinda slow :

for yloop = 0 to height-1
for xloop = 0 to width-1

// Generate maximal value
closest_distance = width * height

for point = 0 to number_of_points-1
  // calls function to calc distance
  point_distance = distance(point, xloop, yloop)

  if point_distance < closest_distance
    closest_point = point
  end if

 // place result in array of point types
 points[xloop, yloop] = point


We have 5 seconds to make a move and this algorithm doesn`t sound too good ! I don't need code ... we just need an ideea ! Thank you !

Later edit : Should we try Delaunay Triangulations ?

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Any datastructure that enables you to query fast neighbours is working there. Lookup KD-Trees/Quad-Trees. –  Thomas Jungblut Apr 29 '13 at 8:26
Hmmmm ... thanks ! I'll look over it :). –  Matei Apr 29 '13 at 8:44

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Have a look at the postmortem of Google's AI Challenge about this.

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I saw that article. doesn`t help us at all :)) –  Matei Apr 29 '13 at 16:19

well i am considering redesigning my old Wurmeler game (AI including) so i stumped on your question while searching for new ideas so here is my insight from my old AI

  • Wurmeler is similar to tron but much slover and worms turn smoothly
  • game space is 2D bitmap
  • each AI is very simple ... stupid,...
  • but navigate better than me
  • unless they are closed by other player
  • or crush into local min/max
  • but still they are fun

OK now the AI algorithm in every decision move:

  1. create few rays from Worm

    • one in movement direction
    • few turned to the left by some angle (5 degree step is fine)
    • few turned to the right
  2. evaluate the ray length

    • from worm until it hit border
    • or another worm path curve
  3. use the max rule to change heading

This old AI maintain only navigation but I want to implement more (this is not yet done):

  1. divide map to square sections

    • each section will have the average density of already filled space
    • so if possible AI will choose less filled area
  2. add strategies

    • navigate (already done)
    • flee (go away from near player if too close and behind)
    • attack (if on relative parallel course and too close and in the front)
  3. may be conversion from raster to vector

    • should speed up the ray traceing and colision detection
    • but with growing length may be slower ... have to try it and see
    • possible use of field algorithms
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