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We have rails expertise with us but there is project which needs Django expertise. So we are just thinking of hiring Django developers or to train Rails developer on Django.

So the question is-

How Django is similar to rails and how easy for people with Rails experience to pick this expertise?

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There is a lot of material on the web that you can read about django and rails, for instance,

While some of these questions are not specifically about the similarity of the two frameworks, it also compares it. You might want to check these out, tell us what you learn and make this question a bit more directed.

I can tell you, for example, that both are MVC, and so most likely every Rails developer will be able to develop Django and vice-versa. It is not like comparing Ruby to Haskell.

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I have used rails before we changed to django at work. Learning a new webframework isn't that hard if you understand the basics of webprogramming and using a framework.

We never hired someone with django expertise, but they usually get up to speed in a few weeks.

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