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I'm trying to install Git on my cloud server, where is running Centos6.2.
But running this command:

yum install git

this error block the installation process:

Error: Package: git- (rpmforge)

Now, I see that inside /usr/lib64/ folder there are this files: ->* ->**

Isn't possible to tell git to use instead of

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Just went through the same problem. It's because it tries to install the centos 5 release: git-

To check, you can issue

yum list git

This showed me the el5 (wrong) package and el6 (correct) package. Then select the el6 one which is called git.i686 and run :

yum install git.i686

I hope it will solve your issue or at least help you to find the correct package for your system!

Correction: installing git.i686 worked but didn't help to get git functional. Finally got it by doing this:

yum remove rpmforge-release
yum install git

This removed the el5 version of rpmforge installed on my el6 system that was messing installation of GIT.

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