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I have a play! project with a number of sub-projects which are put together in a Build.scala build definition. So when I run play and within the console type projects, I get something like this:

[my-foo] $ projects
[info] In file:/home/x/my-foo/
[info]   * my-foo
[info]     my-foo-bar
[info]     my-foo-baz

Now, I know I can switch to one of my projects using project my-foo-bar from the console. But is there a way to switch to a project directly when launching play, especially in combination with e.g. play compile? Reason is I would like to compile a specific project e.g. like so:

play project my-foo-bar clean compile

Cheers, Alex

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Ah, found it. The correct syntax is the same as when using sbt directly. For instance:

play "project my-foo-bar" clean compile
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