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I have a Build file with several subprojects the dependencies look somewhat like this:

A is the main project.
B depends on A.
C depends on B.

Now I want to stage the subproject C. I tried using "clean compile stage" but that doesn't work. when I use the script generated in modules/C/target/start to start the application, project B gets started.

How can I start project C?

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Inside the command line of play, you can switch projects. With the command projects you'll see all your subprojects A, B and C. With project C you'll go to C. Not sure if you can do that outside of play.

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actually thats what I did. I used play "project C" clean compile stage. But it still runs the project B. I wondered how the runtime knows which project to start? The start script in the main and the subproject are the same. –  tmbo May 2 '13 at 13:30

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