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After packaging play application as WAR file /ROOT/WEB-INF/application/app contains source code. Do I need to store it ? Why it is not deleted by default, I can see compiled classes in precompiled folder

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Actually, if you have precompiled your application, you can exclude all the JAVA source code of your application (the views code should not be excluded) when you are in production mode.

By default, play war projectname -o projecname.war command should include all the source code on your application. But, you can exclude the application's JAVA source code by using this command (Note that I am using Windows OS here):

play war projectname --exclude app\controllers:app\models:app\utils:app\jobs -o projectname.war

Notice, --exclude option has value of the directories (relative to your projectname folder) you want to exclude and separated by : (a colon) when you want to exclude some directories.

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Yes, I think this files should be deleted by default – user12384512 May 5 '13 at 19:18

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