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I am looking for how can I implement OAuthWebSecurity with Mvc 3 I have a custom membership provider and I would like to add Facebook, Google and Twitter authentication to my website.

Authentication scenario using Facebook for example

1- the user chooses login using Facebook. 2- check Facebook authentication 3- if success --> check if the user exist in my database 4- if exist --> make the user logged in, if not create a new user in my custom user table

Please advice.

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Please See Below Link It Give you Fully Information about it


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This appears to be a dead link. I think this is the working version asp.net/mvc/tutorials/security/using-oauth-providers-with-mvc –  Chris Lees May 16 at 20:18

Here is a sample / template project which implements a custom membership provider based on the Entity Framework, it has custom DB schema, external login / signup functionality via Google, Twitter, Facebook...


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