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how to get followers list from facebook account by graph api?

I got friends from facebook account by

FB.api('/me/friends?access_token='+accessToken, {
                        fields : 'id, name, picture'
                    }, function(response) {

There is any way to get my Facebook account's followers?

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Yes there is. The User's who follow a particular User are his subscribers, and the endpoint<user_id>/subscribers

This will show you the total count if you don't have user_subscriptions or friends_subscriptions permission, if you have those you would get name and ids of the Users who follow a User.

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This answer is now outdated. You cannot get a user's subscribers as of API version 2.0 – Tamer Shlash Nov 2 '14 at 15:24
Outdated, you will need an access token – Sekai Nov 26 '14 at 18:01
/<user_id>/subscribers was removed after April 30, 2015. So there is no way. – HEX Mar 26 at 13:22
so what now? there is no way? – Aaron Harding Jul 12 at 14:28

Now in new version 2.0 subscribers has been remove in this version, but you can use v1.0 to get follows user

FB->api("v1.0/me/subscribers"); (Javas script);

require permission user_subscribers ...

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I don't find user_subcribers permission and Update Guide says that All API requests will behave as v2.0 API requests after April 30, 2015. – HEX Mar 26 at 13:20

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