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I'm using Backbone Validation and custom messages. I'd like to use a placeholder with the value being validated. Pretty much like the way it's done extending the default messages:

_.extend(Backbone.Validation.messages, {
 required: 'This field is required',
 min: '{0} should be at least {1} characters'

But for individual messages when declaring the validation:

validation: {
 field: {
  min: 5,
  msg: '{0} should be at least {1} characters'

That doesn't work. I also tried with '... least ' + this.field.min + ' characters', but this is undefined.

Anyone knows a way to do that?

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You have to define the minLength and maxLength of your input:

_.extend(Backbone.Validation.messages, {
     required: 'This field is required',
     minLength: 10,
     min: '{0} should be at least {1} characters'

According to the documentation:

The message can contain placeholders for arguments that will be replaced:

  • {0} will be replaced with the formatted name of the attribute being validated
  • {1} will be replaced with the allowed value configured in the validation (or the first one in a range validator)
  • {2} will be replaced with the second value in a range validator
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This is not my question –  Jesús Carrera May 2 '13 at 11:23
Can you please update the question to be more clear? –  ricardohdz May 2 '13 at 13:11
When I declare validation: I'd like to use the value validated (for example minLenght, or min) in my msg: field. And I want to declare in a field by field basis, so I can't extend Validation.messages. Hope that makes it more clear. –  Jesús Carrera May 3 '13 at 9:56

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