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I have a WPF Popup control that has a custom control as its child. Apparently, the child is loaded when the popup opens and unloaded when the popup closes. There is a considerable amount of work to be done when the child is loaded, however, so I would like to keep it loaded.

How can I accomplish that?

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How about some code? What do you mean exactly by I would like to keep it loaded? – DHN Apr 29 '13 at 11:16
A TabControl has the same problem with loading/unloading it's TabItems. As a workaround, I use a customized TabControl that stores the ContentPresenter on unload, and re-uses it on load instead of redrawing it. Perhaps you could use some of its code to create a customized Popup with the same behavior? – Rachel Apr 29 '13 at 13:31
Rachel, I just noticed that you linked to your example. Thanks. – Daniel Henry Apr 29 '13 at 21:43

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