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Is there an accepted path and/or filename scheme for Git repository icons?

I noticed that two of the apps I use most frequently (Tower for Mac and Bitbucket.org) have entirely different ways of specifying repository icons: Bitbucket.org requires adding it via the site's UI, while tower asks to add an icon.png file in the repo root.

Assuming that Git doesn't already support specifying an icon path (assumption based on man git-config), is anyone aware of a more "standardised" way to monkey-patch repo icons in Git? By more "standardised" I mean something along the lines of the way people use .gitkeep to commit empty directories whose content shouldn't be committed.

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Not that I know of.

If you store the icon in your repo, that won't make a git gui aware of it, unless it is programmed to look for it. Git itself has no special knowledge about that file.

GitHub, for instance, has no special way to illustrate a repo.

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