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I'm creating a page were i show users list of all videos that i have uploaded in my youtube account. I'm using Youtube API (gdata) for fetching the videos, but whatever i do i'm not able to fetch the tags details of the videos.

In one of youtube's blog post its been mentioned that tags (keywords) would no longer be shown in the youtube Data API (without any authentication). So I created a developer key, but even after using the developer key Im not able to get the video tags (keyword).

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Are not these the keywords in the single video Data, take a look at: YouTube API v2.0 – Retrieving Data for a Single Video and Understanding Video feeds and Entries and try to search this site for the word tags.

Hope this helps

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Here check the youtube data api feed (gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/ineelq/uploads/…) In the feed u can see the keyword tag is always blank –  iamagent May 1 '13 at 7:04

The blog entry states that not only do you have to be authenticated, but you can only get keywords if the videos are "owned by the currently authorized user".

So the keywords can only be fetched by the same ID that uploaded the videos.

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