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Trying to use the ACL mode for Sonata Admin.

From the docs I understand that STAFF should have ["EDIT","LIST","CREATE"] permissions

But when I install the ACL mappings:

$ php app/console sonata:admin:setup-acl

I see that it's doing (among others)

install ACL for sonata.user.admin.user
- add role: ROLE_SONATA_USER_ADMIN_USER_STAFF, permissions: ["LIST","CREATE"]

And indeed, staff don't get EDIT permission when I try a user granted with it.

How can it happen ? How can I give my user this EDIT permission ?

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As nobody answered, let me give you my feedback (based on what I remember)

It seems to be because the default behavior of ACLs for SonataUser grants STAFF with EDIT access to users they have created (or for which they have ACE)

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