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I was wondering why is there no publish_stream permission on this or any other permission reference pages.

Is it a documentation bug or something fishy going on? It's still mentioned here and there, but not in any of the overviews (which seem to refer only to publish_actions permission). What's the deal?

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Looks like they were phasing this permission out, but didn't update their documentation for some time. Now it states the following:

Facebook used to have a permission called publish_stream. publish_actions replaces it in all cases. This permission also replaces photo_upload.


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In my app, the permission did not really show up - means , the Facebook Pop up did not ask for the permission. I was using publish_stream, when I changed it to publish_actions it worked as expected. –  Ajeesh Joshy Feb 4 at 8:48

I believe it has been replaced with publish_actions.


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As I understand it, publish_stream is not deprecated - as it appears to grant permissions for a wider scope of actions and is in fact even mentioned in July 10 (2013) breaking changes. It seems to be a perfectly valid extended permission that is omitted from any reference and shows up only in examples. I find it strange that a more general permission does not have a more explicit description in the API docs. –  krukid May 13 '13 at 8:55

I don't think it's been deprecated, just a recommended permission. If you want to publish on friend's timeline, you still need publish_stream.

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