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I have a table which have entries like this.

SELECT entrydate FROM entities;

2013-04-29 13:24:34
2013-04-29 13:24:46
2013-04-29 13:27:19

What I want to do is that taking difference between current date and these entities. I try

SELECT strftime('%s','now') - strftime('%s', entrydate) FROM entities;

It returns negative values although current timestamp should be bigger than entities.

I compared strftime('%s','now') and date +%s outputs and saw they are same.

I figured out that strftime('%s', entrydate) returns bigger value than it should be. How can I fix this issue? Thanks

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I fixed it by putting 'localtime' modifier while getting current time.

SELECT strftime('%s','now', 'localtime') - strftime('%s', entrydate) FROM entities;
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