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I have a list of points with the form :

((1.10) (2.980) (3.567) (4.0)...(1000.87 ))

And, to be able to use them in the function plot, I would like to extract the two sublist with the x and the y separated. So I want to have that :

x : (1 2 3 4 ... 1000)


y : (10 980 567 0 ... 87)

For the first one I just use (define x ( build-list 1000 (lambda (x) (+ x 1 ))) But for the second one I don't find any function to help me :(

I guess i could make a procedure with a loop that use car and cdr but I am a newbee in racket and I can't do a simple loop (I really miss the simple for and while of the other language) So does anyone know a already made fonction that could solve my problem?

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It looks like your list is made up of decimals, rather than dotted pairs, as I think you want. So it should have spaces between the numbers and the dots. However, that's a minor issue.

For your main question, the simplest thing is probably to map "car" and "cdr" onto your list separately:

(define list-of-points '((1 . 10) (2 . 980) (3 . 567) (4 . 0) ... (1000 . 87)))
(define x (map car list-of-points))
(define y (map cdr list-of-points))

Check out the documentation on map for more information.

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Oh, map is a great fonction, tank you ^^ –  user2329273 Apr 29 '13 at 15:10

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