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all is it possible to color a certain Row in smartGWT listGrid ? i want to color just 1 row , not all the listGrid

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stackoverflow.com/questions/7394151/…. I guess the this link should help you –  Abhijith Nagaraja Apr 29 '13 at 14:07
@AbhijithNagaraja, that question is related to GWT & not to SmartGWT. –  RAS May 2 '13 at 6:05

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Never used SmartGWT, but looking at the JavaDoc, I'd say:


Also checkout this sample, that overrides the getBaseStyle() of the ListGrid.

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The problem with setCustomStyle() is that you lose the original styling afterwards. –  user2573153 Jul 11 at 0:45

In SmartGWT, methods that end with Style (e.g.- get*Style, getBaseStyle, getCellStyle, etc.) need to return a CSS class defined elsewhere (.css file, inline css in application load jsp, etc.).
Same applies for set*Style methods.

Unless lot of CSS customizations are done warranting the need for such, using getCellCSSText would probably be the best option.

getCellCSSText returns CSS text per cell, and will be called during every redraw.

final ListGrid resultsGrid = new ListGrid() {
    protected String getCellCSSText(ListGridRecord record, int rowNum, int colNum) {
        String style = super.getCellCSSText(record, rowNum, colNum);

        // conditions can check values in record using rowNum, colNum as well as record attributes
        if (record.getAttribute("<grid-field-name>").equals(<value>)) {
            if (this.getFieldName(colNum).equals("<certain-grid-field-name>") && record.getAttribute("<grid-field-name>").equals(<specific-value>)) {
                style = "font-weight:bold"; // only that cell in that row becomes bold
            } else {
                style = "color:red"; // all other cells in that row become red
        } else if (record.getAttribute("<other-grid-field-name>").equals(<value>)) {
            style = "color:green"; // entire row changed to green if one column in this row contain a specific value

        return style;

Its not required to extend ListGridRecord as indicated in showcase sample linked above, unless there are other reasons to do so.

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