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Is there some way I can take text (retrieved from a form), and email it to my gmail account? I can also have the user enter their email address, and a subject. Or if not is there a better way to have users send me a message? Thanks.

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I recommend that you use PHP Mailer this program will take care of all of the message construction and works well with Gmail. There is also sample code included for Gmail.

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This is safer and easier way to send email than the raw mail functions. Great suggestion! – David Caunt Oct 26 '09 at 23:06
Thanks it worked! – Mk12 Oct 26 '09 at 23:53
Only porblem was replying or from didn't work, but it doesn't matter, I just add the email address to reply to to the start of the body. – Mk12 Oct 27 '09 at 1:07

Use mail function to send email to specific address:

$subject = $_REQUEST['subject'];
$message = $_REQUEST['message'];
mail("", $subject, $message);

But please don't take $to parameter from form, otherwise your script will be used for spamming.

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$to will always be my gmail account. – Mk12 Oct 26 '09 at 23:23
It doesn't work. No mail shows up in my gmail. – Mk12 Oct 26 '09 at 23:30

Expanding on what Ivan wrote to add users email as sender:

$subject = $_POST['subject'];
$message = $_POST['message'];
$from    = $_POST['from'];

// the sender email must be cleaned of mime header injection
$from = preg_replace_all("/[\r\n]+/", '', $from);

mail("", $subject, $message, "from:$from\n");

This makes it easier to reply. However, you could just append their email address in the message body.

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The "from" is just a plain email address, like 'name@domain.tld', where would these 'mime headers' come frome? – Mk12 Oct 27 '09 at 1:10
The email address is a part of the mime message, just like how an email embedded in HTML becomes part of the HTML. So an email like: <i></i> becomes italic in HTML if not escaped of HTML entities. For mime, it is simple, just escape or remove \n. – bucabay Oct 27 '09 at 1:38
Eg: the email\ will send spam to – bucabay Oct 27 '09 at 1:39

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