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I'm working on a desktop application. It has a dropdown menu. When a menu item is clicked on the dropdown a new tab is opened if it's not opened before. There is a single tab for a single dropdown menu item. What i want to do is to open a window, page or user control(i'm not sure which i should use) in seperate tabs considering the work they will do.

My partial XAML:

<dxd:DockLayoutManager DockItemClosing="DockLayoutManager_DockItemClosing_1">
        <dxd:TabbedGroup Name="tabbedGroup">                        

and partial CS:

private void addPanel(string caption)
    var contains = false;
    var layoutPanel = new LayoutPanel() { Caption = caption };

    BaseLayoutItem[] baseLayoutItem = tabbedGroup.GetItems();

    foreach (var layoutItem in baseLayoutItem)
        if (layoutItem.Caption.Equals(layoutPanel.Caption))
            contains = true;

    if (!contains)

As i mentioned i want to append a window, page or user control(i'm not sure which i should use) into every LayouPanel opened seperately.

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Ok it's as easy as:

layoutPanel.Content = new UserControl1();

And i got one more trick for dynamically creating the desired tab:

layoutPanel.Content = Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetType(Constants.s_tabs[caption]));

I hope it won't cause any performance problems.

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What is the downside of this solution? –  gesus Jul 25 '13 at 8:14

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