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I am developing an API using Django-TastyPie.

What API do?

It checks that if two or more requests are there on the server if yes it swap the data of both the requests and return a json response after 7 second delay.

What i need to do is send multiple asynchronous requests to the server to test this API. I am using Django-Unit Test along with Tasty-Pie to test this functionality.


Django develpment server is single threaded so it does not support asynchronous requests

Solution tried:

I have tried to solve this by using multiprocessing:

class MatchResourceTest(ResourceTestCase):

def setUp(self):
    super(MatchResourceTest, self).setUp()

    self.user_list = []
    self.thread_list = []

   # Create and get user
    self.assertHttpCreated(self.api_client.post('/api/v2/user/', format='json', data={'username': '123456','device': 'abc'}))
    self.user_list.append( User.objects.get(username='123456') )

    # Create and get other_user
    self.assertHttpCreated(self.api_client.post('/api/v2/user/', format='json', data={'username': '456789','device': 'xyz'}))
    self.user_list.append( User.objects.get(username='456789') )

def get_credentials(self):
    return self.create_apikey(username=self.user.username, api_key=self.user.api_key.key)

def get_url(self):
    resp = urllib2.urlopen(self.list_url).read()

def test_get_list_json(self):

    for user in self.user_list:
        self.user = user
        self.list_url = ''

        t = multiprocessing.Process(target=self.get_url)
        self.thread_list.append( t )

    for t in self.thread_list:
        print ContactCardShare.objects.all()

Please suggest me any solution to test this API by sending asychronous requests


any APP , Library or any this which allow django development server to handle multiple requests asychronously

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As far as I know, django's development server is multi-threaded.

I'm not sure this test is formatted correctly though. The test setUp shouldn't include tests itself, it should be foolproof data insertion by creating entries. The post should have it's own test.

See the tastypie docs for an example test case.

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