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to download a console returns the following error:

Frame load interrupted by policy change


<a href="app.exe">Start Download</a>

Console Preview: enter image description here

Should I configure something in the Compiler or QWebSettings?

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Maybe the "exe" extension is the source of this allergy. Executables are generally blocked from direct download to avoid malicious code. This may explain the word "policy". –  Ihsan May 7 '13 at 6:55
The download works (I use unsupportedContent(QNetworkReply*) and setForwardUnsupportedContent(true)), the problem really is the strange message. I wonder what it is that message/error. Could you tell me what why it appears? When I download should appear canceled and not failed (as occurs in normal browsers). Will I have to "edit/rewrite" function unsupportedContent using QWebView->setPage(new myClassPageRewrite()) ? –  Guilherme Nascimento May 7 '13 at 19:23

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Edit: hard to tell without a proper backtrace I requested in the comments, but it looks like the warning might actually be harmless.

Original: That's because the QWebView doesn't know what to do with your app.exe file -- it's not an HTML page or a text/plain document or a supported image, after all. The QWebView class is not a web browser; you apparently want to start a download of some file, but there's no full-blown download manager in that class. You will have to provide your own code for this -- the code will have to ask for a proper location to save it, etc.

You can start with QWebPage::setLinkDelegationPolicy and handle this particular click yourself.

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Thanks for the answer, but my code is downloading normally. I have not used QWebPage::setLinkDelegationPolicy. I used connect(QWebPage, SIGNAL(unsupportedContent(QNetworkReply*)), this, SLOT(signalDownload(QNetworkReply*))); and setForwardUnsupportedContent(true), the download works perfectly with it. The only problem is the message of policy which is strange (I do not understand why this policy or what it is). If you can edit your answer I would be grateful. Good day. –  Guilherme Nascimento May 2 '13 at 12:38
I can set setLinkDelegationPolicy only for mimetypes unrecognized? And mimetypes recognized continue to function normally (standard mode)? –  Guilherme Nascimento May 2 '13 at 12:41
Okay, I've checked the qtwebkit source and it looks like the warning gets printed even in rather harmless cases. It would be interesting to see a backtrace from this error -- WebCore::MainResourceLoader::stopLoadingForPolicyChange() appears to be the function to set your breakpoint in. How does the stack trace look like? –  Jan Kundrát May 2 '13 at 13:25
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I discovered. In conventional Webkit browsers, the place to download the console shows how the request canceled, so before turning to "download manager" of the browser the request should be canceled.


//replace [QWebView] by your WebView
connect([QWebView]->page(), SIGNAL(unsupportedContent(QNetworkReply*)),
this, SLOT(downloadContent(QNetworkReply*)));


void [main class]::downloadContent(QNetworkReply *reply){
    //Replace "[main class]" by "Class" having the signs used in WebView.

    //solution: stop loading --replace [QWebView] by your WebView

    /*function to donwload*/
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