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I am developing an app for BB10. I need a Google map to be used in the map section of my app (my customer is very particular about this Google map). But as of now, I haven't found any good source of help regarding this. I am using BB10 Cascades for my app development. (QML and C++). I could just load the Google map using the URL in the WebView, in QML file.

However I need a marker to be on the center of the map and as the user moves the map the latitude and the longitude should be displayed on top of the page.

When the desired location is reached (marker is at the right position) the user clicks on the submit button on the map page which will fill the text box in the previous page with the lat and long of the location. Can someone help me with this? :(

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If you do use a WebView you can execute JavaScript on it from QML. Calling gApplication.getMap().getCenter(); to get the Lat/Long from the map. – scunliffe Apr 29 '13 at 13:02
Thank you Scunliffe. Can we call this function from the cpp file? – smjose May 2 '13 at 10:26

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