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My FlipAnimation add-on works fine until version 2.62 but refuses to work on newer versions. The main purpose of it is taking a range of keyframes of the currently active action and perform a Copy Pose and Paste X-flipped Pose on every relevant frame. So depending on the selected mode, either the whole action is mirrored or a specified range is processed and appended.

Now starting with 2.63 it 'pretends' to work but the pasted poses are not X-flipped. The code fragment which I guess is to blame for:

    for frame_item in self.keyframe_bone_dict.items ():
        frame = frame_item[0]
        bones = frame_item[1]
        for bone_item in bones.items ():
            bone = bone_item[0]
  [bone].select = True
        if self.append_mode:
            context.scene.frame_set(frame + self.append_frames_offset)

keyframe_bone_dict contains for every frame to touch a dictionary of all affected bones. So I iterate over all keyframes, select the bones that have a keyframe defined here. Then copy the pose and do a paste X-flipped pose either at the current frame or at another frame that is append_frames_offset away. There are pasted keyframes at the right positions but their values are not X-flipped.

I studied the API changes at Blender API changes at but did not find any suspect thing. Only some minor changes to KeyingSets like name => bl_label.

Is there anything else changed? Or what else could lead to the changed behaviour?

I just started to read about how to submit code to bf-extensions Trackers and then I ran into this issue while testing with different versions. Now I really stuck as I am new to add-on development.

Thanks a lot for your help


I did some further investigation and found out that after the paste pose operator returned successfully the follwing debug statement

print (context.active_pose_bone, " (after): ", context.active_pose_bone.rotation_quaternion)

showed reasonable i.e. correct values for the considered bone's keyframe. But after the add-on has finished, the same keys are either unchanged or have neglegible changes in their quaternion members (0 - 1%). Sometimes the affected bone has changed slightly. Really strange :-(

UPDATE 2 The add-on runs is designed to run in pose mode only and the panel is hidden in any other mode. Before starting the copy and pasting process, a bunch of statements is executed to ensure that all preconditions are met. This includes: Does the active object contain an armature with at least one action defined, is there an action selected, is Automatic Keyframe Insertion Using Active Keying Set Only and Automatic Keyframe Insertion Using Active Keying Set Only enabled.

More info:

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If you haven't already, ask on the #blenderpython IRC channel on Sounds like a mode issue which results in nothing updating but if it worked on 2.62 it should be the same. – neomonkeus Apr 30 '13 at 16:54
@neomonkeus thanks, I will give it try when SO and the cross posting at don't get hints. 'Mode issue'? Sounds like you have run into similar problems in the past? – Kay May 1 '13 at 4:38
Currently porting a 2.4x script. Another developer is working on armature import/export and if your not in the correct mode, updates might not occur. But again this is just a general observation so would be surprised if it was the cause of the issue. – neomonkeus May 2 '13 at 12:34
@neomonkeus I updated the question, the add-on runs only when in pose mode. – Kay May 2 '13 at 16:11
@Kay you might be interested in… – stacker Feb 9 '14 at 13:33

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