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How do I programatically set the size of a view of an NSCollectionViewItem?

I tried doing this in an NSCollectionView subclass:

@implementation CustomCollectionView

- (NSCollectionViewItem *)newItemForRepresentedObject:(id)object {

    NSCollectionViewItem *newitem = [[self itemPrototype] copy];
    [newitem setRepresentedObject:object];  
    NSView *itemview = [newitem view];
    [itemView setFrame:NSMakeRect([itemView frame].origin.x, [itemView frame].origin.y,         [itemView frame].size.width, 500)];
    return newitem;


However this code has no effect. I tried subclassing my NSView that I use for the NSCollectionViewItem, and adding setFrame: to the initWithCoder method, but I get an EXC BAD ACCESS crash when I do that.

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You might checkout this open source NSCollectionView alternative from Steven Degutis which, coincidentally I think was just posted to GitHub today (I noticed it today via Twitter):

Looks like it allows you to have items with different heights.

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That looks brilliant, thank you so much. – indragie Oct 27 '09 at 1:06
..that link's not working anymore (12/2011) but there's a mirror at – Jay Dec 12 '11 at 6:04

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